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1) Merlin Glowplugs

2) Jett Q40 accessories

3) Pylon Line pitch gauge

4) F3D glow drivers

5) F3D props

6) APC Q40 props

We are pleased that you have chosen to visit the Pylon Line web site.

On this site you will find a range of pylon race items that are race proven over many seasons of use.

Payment by Cash/Cheque or Paypal.

Please read the notes on shipping.

2016 What a year!!

What a year we are having!! some of the events surrounding Brexit will trickle down to even tiny operations like Pylon Line.

Specifically this will be in pricing, some items will get more expensive and some will get cheaper for our export customers.

Items that will inevitably increase in price are those from the USA ie Jett and Merlin products as these are the main imported lines and are thus negatively effected by the devaluing of sterling.

More positively the items that are made by us in England will seem cheaper to our export customers, these are items like the F3D props, glow drivers etc.

So we will gravitate the business in those areas over the next year without neglecting the imported lines.

Pylon Line website updates

Pylon Line has been trading for over 4 years now and we are getting a clearer idea of where we should be concentrating our efforts. One area where we are now able to give some attention is offering items like bespoke props and prop mould tools, please check out the new services section.


Hitec and Multiplex

We are pleased to now be able to offer for sale the radio and servo’s that we race with.

We have used the Hitec and Multiplex systems in various combinations since 2005.

We are only stocking and listing the radios and servo’s that  we have actually used.

Check out the radio section for more details.