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F3D pylon race props

We are now able to offer F3D pylon race props for sale.

Over the last five years we have really put a lot of work into perfecting the composite lay up process for our carbon fibre pylon race propellers.

We are now happy to offer these propellers to Pylon Line customers. F3D prop

Our manufacturing process is different from that of the very popular Dutch propellers. Naturally we feel that it is better, however we will leave our customers to finalise that opinion.

The prop that we are offering is of 168mm dia and 170mm average pitch, the hub is of a type to mount directly within the MB spinner.

Price for these propellers is £25.00 each

We are also now prepared to offer a propeller mould tooling service, this is for propellers up to circa 200mm diameter, approximate cost for production of a bespoke tool from a copyright free pattern is £250.00.