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In addition to offering the manufacture of tooling to produce composite propellers, we are also able to offer to produce composite propellers in low volume.

We would not consider ourselves experts in the aerodynamic design of propellers. We have heard so many statements of a breakthrough in competition prop design in the last 30 years, that it has all worn a bit thin. What is clear is that matching a prop to the engines output characteristics is vital, along with good material choice and construction.

The construction and material usage is where we can really make a difference. Producing a propeller with high quality materials that have been processed correctly and laid up in the correct plane and direction within the prop make a big difference.

Our F3D prop’s are about the stiffest that are commercially available, we seem to get a small performance increase every time that  we can make an increase in span wise stiffness in the propeller. We can offer this material and processing technique to our customers regardless of if they are competing in RC pylon racing or other competition model aircraft disciplines.

Typically pricing for a carbon composite propeller of 165 to 180mm diameter will be in region of £25.00 per unit, these props will be supplied in an un balanced condition and with a basic trimming of moulding flash carried out.

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