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1) Merlin Glowplugs

2) Jett Q40 accessories

3) Pylon Line pitch gauge

4) F3D glow drivers

5) F3D props

6) APC Q40 props

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On this site you will find a range of pylon race items that are race proven over many seasons of use.

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We are able to offer a manufacturing service for mould tools to produce composite propellers from.

These tools are produced from a master pattern propeller, which may be your old favourite prop or a new creation.

These tools can produce many 100’s of props if treated carefully, the tool can either be used by the customer or they can ask us to produce propellers from their tool for their own exclusive use.

Guideline pricing and delivery for these tools would be as follows, pricing for a tool in the prop diameter range of 160-180mm would be £250 to £275 and delivery would be in the region of 3 weeks from receipt of order.

We must stress that the customer must be the copyright holder of the prop to be copied, this means no direct rip off’s of existing commercial composite propellers, copies may be allowed of heavily modified commercial composite propellers, please ask about this aspect of copyright protection, remember this is not CHINA!!

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