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APC Q40 prop mid.jpg



APC Q40 propeller. 7.4 x 7.5 specifically designed for Q40 racing.




APC Q40 propeller. 7.4 x 7.6 specifically designed for Q40 racing.


APC Q40 prop mid.jpg

Prather fuel tube


Prather fuel tubing, we managed to get a good stock of this fine fuel tube as Terry Prather was closing down his business. 36” length per pack.


Prather fuel tube mid.jpg

Q500 wing bags


Q500 wing and tailplane protection bags. These are top quality bags made in the UK. F3D and Q40 versions to follow. A £5.00 extra shipping charge will be added at checkout


 shipping charge


Q500 wing bag 1.jpg

BB wheel pair


BB slimline race wheels, single piece moulded construction with ball races for minimum drag. US manufactured. Sold in pairs.



CST 5mm carbon fibre pushrods


Carbon Fibre pushrod tube

OD 0.196" (5mm) , 2 ft. (606mm) long

ID 0.121", weight 11.4 grams.


CST 5mm pushrods.jpg

Engine mount nut ring


Engine mount nut ring, saves the hassle of getting blind nuts into the back of the bulkhead. Superbly manufactured and tapped for 6/32 UNC bolts.


Engine mount nut ring.JPG

The Prather gauge has been out of production for some time now, with this product we just simply copied the Prather tried and tested format and made a few production design changes, for example all fixings are metric sizes. The scale is lazer engraved onto perspex and the base plate comes fitted with rubber feet to keep the arm up off the workbench.


This pitch gauge is a copy of the popular Prather gauge, functionally it is the same as the Prather gauge, super quality and finish.


Pylon Line F3D prop


F3D prop 2013.JPG

Pylon Line F3D race prop, this prop is well matched to the current engines. Super stiff with plenty of blade area at the tips. 58 second performance recorded with this prop.

Supplied rough trimmed, requires final trim and balance to use.

F3D wing bags



F3D wing bag EVO.JPG

F3D wing and tailplane protection bags,. These are top quality bags made in the UK. Currently available for Evo, Evo NXT, Voodoo NXT, Insomnia and Dago. Please specify type when ordering.  A £5.00 extra shipping charge will be added at checkout.

Q40 wings bags


Q40 wing bags, currently available for the Larson Vendetta. A £5.00 extra shipping charge will be added at checkout.