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Pylon Line shipping information

Shipping products around the World is a necessary evil of a specialist on line business like Pylon Line.

We will generally ship via Royal Mail, this will not be a tracked delivery unless you request it.

If you would like tracking then place your order in the conventional manner and then send an email to with your request, an additional invoice will then be produced and sent to you with the additional tracked shipping charge. Similarly if you require any exotic shipping such as UPS, FedEx or TNT then this can be arranged in the same way.

Our experience is that tracked shipping in North America and western Europe costs about an additional £5.00. TNT charges on a recent shipment to the middle east were 5 times that of the Royal Mail!!

We have only lost 2 International shipments, one in Germany and one in South Africa, we know that both of these losses were genuine so the risks are very low.

I think that we remain the only pylon racing supply website in the World where customers are able to online order with a shopping cart. Please let us know if there is any way that you think that we can provide a better service.


We are able to accept most kinds of payment.

The majority of customers use Paypal for payment, please note that there is an additional charge for using Paypal of 3.5% , this is just an absolute reflection of what we are charged by Paypal. This surcharge will be added automatically.

Please contact us if you would like to carry out a bank transfer of funds.